YBW Productions' MS. ORIENTAL, A New Play by Marisa Marquez

Lydia appeared as "Corazon Aquino/Eleanor" in Yellow Brick Wall's production of Marisa Marquez' new play MS. ORIENTAL from September 14th through 18th, 2016 at the Glicker-Milstein Theatre at Barnard College, produced with generous support from Barnard College Theater Department and Asian Women's Giving Circle. Marisa developed the play as part of the Jerome Foundation-supported New Eyes Festival of New Works at Mu Performing Arts in Minnesota in 2014. Marisa was named in 2010 by the Filipino Women's Network as one of the 100 Most Influential Women in the United States.

Learn more about MS. ORIENTAL on its website at http://www.msorientaltheplay.com.

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Marisa Marquez uses the stage to share how one woman's struggle with depression finds herself amongst some of the most influential women in Asian history. Her attempt to take her own life instead takes her on a magically theatrical journey that forces her to question her own identity. In a space between this life and the next, these heartfelt and humorous characters present Ms. Oriental with a choice: live or die.  This poignant play was made possible with a grant from the Asian Women Giving Circle and produced by Nancy Kim, Rachel Abrams
and Nicole Maxali.  

MS. ORIENTAL was performed by Lydia Gaston*, Cleo Gray, Kana Hatakeyama, Alyssa Kim, Katharine Lerner*, Maya Maniar, and Jensen Austria Olaya*.

Director: Illana Becker
Dramaturg: Rachel Abrams
Stage Manager: Mariana Vallejo
Set Designer: Emmie Finckel
Lighting Designer: Amanda Clegg Lyon
Sound Designer: Emma Wilk
Projector Designer: David Bengali
Costume Designer: Lisa Renee Jordan